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Refreshing Improvements to the Iron Man 2 Video Game

While the first Iron Man video game received far from favorable reviews, Iron Man 2 seems to have broke free from that reputation and made itself quite a few fans.  Many Marvel movie enthusiasts anxiously waited to see if the Iron Man 2 video game would be a success.  Of course, with the game being launched just before the movie hit the big screen, fans thought they could get a sneak peak at the movie.  No such luck!  This video game was made the right way and revealed none of the surprises that were to come shortly after in the movie.

While Don Cheadle and Samuel L. Jackson hand to voice characters they play in the movie, surprisingly, Tony Stark is voiced by Eric Loomis, not Robert Downey Jr.  Other characters from the movie such as the Black Widow and Crimson Dynamo do make an appearance in the game as well.

Iron Man 2 video game offers eight colorful and large levels.  The graphics are fairly impressive and the voice talent really hits a home run since Samuel L. Jackson provides a few one-liners in the cut scene.  The controls are really fabulous and you can launch into the air effortlessly with a quick tap of a button.

Whenever you want Iron Man to fly, he will but be aware that some scenes take place inside buildings so don’t get lost in air and lose where you need to be.  Getting around on foot is about as comfortable as flying and if you get close enough to your enemies, you can even melee with them.

The enemies are easily beaten one on one but they do get challenging enough in numbers.  They vary from smaller drones to giant walking tanks.  As time progresses, you are able to unlock new and exciting equipment and fighting styles.  Also, if you like to utilize a range attack, you can rise, hover, dodge and fall as your please.  With one of your four weapons, you can auto-target your enemies.  This is a tricky feature to get use to but forget about hitting your target without it.

Overall, there has been a significant improvement since the first Iron Man with a lot less frustrating features.  The various Iron Man suits that are unlocked are a nice touch too.  Anyone who is a diehard Iron Man fan will enjoy this game much more than the first one that was so disappointing.  According to rumor, Iron Man 3 may be in the works and will hopefully “iron” out any lingering kinks. Dublin Dun Laoghaire Reviews

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