Scalextric Sets

Top Five Scalextric Sets for Presents

If you are looking for specific Scalextric sets for Presents, you better start shopping now because the favorites are sure to be sold out if you wait too long.  Although you may think that these are a new line of toys, Scalextric actually emerged onto the scene in the 1950s but they certainly have come a long way.  In the 21st century, the tracks underwent a significant redesign, making them easier to assemble and more popular than ever.

Scalextric sets typically contain sufficient track to create a circuit as well as throttles, power supply and cars.  Over the years, they have offered many film and television tie-ins and they all  remain just as popular as ever and some are regarded as quite valuable if you happen to be a lucky person who owns them.  A few of the  past varieties that are still popular Scalextric sets for Christmas for this year are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman Begins, The Simpsons, The Transformers, The Amazing Spider Man, Tim Burton’s Batman, Knight Rider, James Bond, The Italian Job, Starsky and Hutch, The Dukes of Hazzard, The Sweeney and Top Gear.

Latest Releases

1. Micro Scalextric Toy Story – These Scalextric sets won the 2010 Toy Talk Awards.  The set features one hairpin track, six straight pieces at various lengths, two track loop curves, six curve track pieces, one hand throttle, one power base, one transformer, one Buzz on RC car and one Woody on RC car.  When put together, the track length is 404 cm long!

2. Pro GT – Only adults should probably be given these expensive Scalextric sets. With this set, you can race four cars at one time, performing amazing maneuvers.  You can even switch lanes to block your opponent.  This set features a raised bridge section on a figure-eight circuit. It is also equipped with a digital lap counter to show the positioning of every car at the finish line.

3. Extreme GT – This huge, extended figure-eight track captures all the excitement of racing.  These Scalextric sets come with a Jaguar XKR-GT3 and a Dodge Viper that feature working rear and front lights, adjustable magnetic attraction so they stay on the circuit at high speeds and easy change pickups.

4. Scalextric Start Grand Prix – This set provides everything that a rookie racer needs including an easy-to-connect track, super tough cars, multiple circuit options, adjustable hand throttle and decals for the cars.  You can even extend this circuit later with the extension pack that contains two extra-long straight pieces.

5. Drift Kings – Last on the list of top Scalextric sets is this drifting track.  This allows you to demonstrate balance and ultimate drive control, performing fish tails and power slides.  The Nissan GT-R cars that are included are designed for 360 degree movement and they are super rigged to ensure many hours of impact drifting fun.

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Playmobil Sets for Presents

Top 10 Playmobil Sets for Presents

There are an abundance of fun adventures to be enjoyed when you give Playmobil sets for Presents.  Every set features their own environment, theme, characters and accessories and they allow children the opportunity to explore different ideas and cultures.  These toys are fun, colourful, safe and ideal for quite a large age group so your kids won’t get bored with them a week later which happens with many toys.  Below are the top 10 Playmobil sets for Presents.

1. Dragon’s Land – This Christmas-themed set features a back drop of a castle with a drawbridge, Christmas tree and snow.  Inside the box you will find both a white and a black horse along with two knights, a red dragon, skeleton, treasure chest and plenty of weapons for a battle.

2. Three-Headed Sea Serpent –  You receive a three-headed green sea serpent for the pirate skeleton character to ride in.

3. Wild Life Conservation – This is definitely one of the larger Playmobil sets for that comes with a lot of pieces.  This care station features a two story building with plenty of fencing, trees and furniture as well as two caretakers and baby animals.

4. Veterinarian With Car – The veterinarian with car is a perfect addition for anyone who already has one of the animal hospitals or clinics.  Although, with all of the medical equipment that this set features, the veterinarian could be played with all by himself to make house calls.

5. Bakery Entrepreneur – These Playmobil sets are from the In the City collection.  They feature plenty of baked goods to sell, shopping baskets and a cash register.  They are a perfect add on to any of the city collections.

6. Suburban House – Here is the ultimate Playmobil gift.  The charming house has a terrace with garden furniture, grill and even tilting attic windows.  There is a winding staircase and the doorbell really chimes.  The house features a living room, kitchen with dinette set, master bedroom and a family bathroom.

7. Horse Farm – These Playmobil sets are the perfect way to begin the entire Pony Ranch collection.  The open barn has stables, two keepers, three horses and a cat.  There are also a generous supply of accessories such as fences, hurdles to jump, flags, food, shovels, wheelbarrow and riding gear.

8. Penguins – From the Zoo collection, the penguin sets remain a favorite.  The basin can be filled with water and there is even a working waterfall for the penguin to play in.  Set comes with zookeepers, child, four penguins, food and a pelican.

9. Family Van With Trailer and Boat – As part of the Nautical Expedition collection, this is one of the top-picked Playmobil sets.  The green van pulls a flashy speedboat on a trailer.  The set includes a family, dog, luggage and a picnic basket.

10. My Take Along Farm – This portable farm building can store away a farmer, his family, plenty of animals and accessories in a two-story, red, closeable barn with handle.

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Jeff Dunham Peanut Doll

Why Does Everyone Want a Jeff Dunham Peanut Doll?

Standing 17 inches tall, the Jeff Dunham Peanut doll is inspired by the real Peanut who is accompanied in shows by his ventriloquist and comedian friend, Jeff Dunham.  Peanut is often called a comic genius who fascinates people of nearly all ages so it should come as no surprise that the Jeff Dunham Peanut doll finds itself out of stock more than it is available.

To children, this frenzied and fast toy is cute and funny while to teenagers he is hip, irreverent and super cool.  Adults find the Jeff Dunham Peanut doll naughty but loveable and wonderful yet goofy.  They adore and respect him because he clearly does not offer the same respect back which adds to his witty charm.  Peanut is manic with endless amounts of energy.

What’s so Great About This Doll?

Anyone who has every caught a clip of Jeff Dunham and his friend Peanut cannot help but be naturally drawn to the toy.  The Jeff Dunham Peanut doll is a purple-skinned, hyperactive woozle that has white fur on a majority of his body.  He wear a green tuft of fur on his head and he has only one red sneaker that is worn on his left foot.

Peanut comes from a Micronesian island.  Jeff and him are suggested to have met in Florida and Peanut often gets described as being the bad kid.

What is so fabulous about the Jeff Dunham Peanut doll is that it is just as loud and obnoxious as you would expect it to be.  He speaks seven of his favorite phrases that he is so famous for.  For a toy, his audios are very clear so when he talks, you actually know what he’s saying.

The Jeff Dunham Peanut doll weighs only about three pounds, runs on two AA batteries that are included and is surface washable.

New Variation

There is a new variation of the Jeff Dunham Peanut doll available.  He features the same spoken favorite lines and sarcastic attitude except that he wear a green shoe instead of a red one on his left foot.  This Peanut doll costs about $30 more than the original one.

What is a Woozle?

Most people wonder what exactly a woozle is.  The Jeff Dunham Peanut doll is inspired by a fictional creature that was first spoke of in Winnie the Pooh tales.  They are similar to  weasels but much more fun loving.

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FurReal Friends Toys

Top 10 FurReal Friends Toys

Who are the FurReal Friends?  They are only the most wonderful animal toys available for kids as young as three and old as grownups.  Whether you need a pet dog to walk, purring cat to snuggle up to or a parrot that talks, you’ll find it with FurReal Friends.  Below is a list of the top 10 favorite FurReal Friends toys that are currently available.

1. GoGo My Walkin’ Pup – This is one of the favorite FurReal Friends for girls ages four and up. This white plush, loveable puppy has a red collar and remote control leash so wherever you go, your puppy will walk with you.

2. Newborn Yellow Duckling – Newborn FurReal Friends need a lot of attention and love.  This frizzy little fellow has a bottle, will make eating sounds and he will flap his wings when he’s hungry.

3. Newborn Piglet – You can feed him with his bottle and he will oink and wiggle his nose and tail to let you know that he is happy.

4. Butterscotch Pony – It should be no surprise that the most expensive of all the FurReal Friends makes every girl’s wish list.  Who doesn’t want a pony?  This one is three feet tall and responds to touch by moving.  She likes to be fed and brushed and she snorts, whinnies and swishes her tail.

5. Biscuit My Lovin’ Pup – This playful pooch responds to six commands and will even offer a paw and shake when asked.  He will whimper when he wants his bone and sniff it before he eats it.  Biscuit wags his tail, blinks and barks.

6. LuLu My Cuddlin’ Kitty – Who can resist a kitten that stares into your eyes and purrs?  She moves her head, loves to be combed and like other FurReal Friends, comes with an adoption certificate.

7. Tumbles My Roll Over Pup – This beagle rolls on his back so you can rub his tummy and if you pet him long enough he will go to sleep.  He responds to touch so he is the perfect sleeping companion.  When you wake up, so does he.

8. Teacup Bunny – This plush little white bunny comes with a very stylish purse-sized carrier so you can bring her wherever you go.  She moves her head and makes adorable sound effects too.

9. Teacup Maltese Pup – This precious pooch may be the cutest thing you have ever seen.  He comes with a fashionable carrier that matches the bow in his hair and he makes sounds and has legs that you can pose.

10. Newborn Penguin – Last on the list of favorite FurReal Friends is a new baby penguin.  He makes sounds when you give him his bottle and he’ll be sure to let you know when he is hungry by flapping his wings.

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Dress Up Bratz Dolls

Celebrating over 10 years of Dress Up Bratz Dolls

Dress up Bratz dolls have stirred up more than their share of controversy.  Aside from the criticism that they are an American line that is manufactured in China, there is concern expressed by the American Psychological Association about he dolls’ sexy clothing and any effects that they can have on children.  That being said, there always has to be some people who find fault in female toys, cartoons or movie characters who happen to promote style and good looks!

Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha and Jade were re-released October 2010 for their 10th anniversary with new styles, bodies and looking better than ever.  Really, who wouldn’t want to play with these dolls?  They are glamorous!  In addition to the fabulous four clan, there are 10 new dress up Bratz dolls being Liliana, Carrie, Shira, Shadi, Leora, Ashby, Joelle, Tyla, Adri and Lydia.

Bios for the Dress Up Bratz Dolls

• Chloe – She loves to take pictures of her friends and has a down to earth and flirty personality. Chloe has tons of energy and athletic talent that she shows off playing soccer.  Her nickname is Angel which is fitting with those long blond locks and emerald green eyes and she is a vegetarian.

• Jade – Of all of the dress up Bratz dolls, Jade aka Kool Kat is the ultimate fashionista, jumping on every opportunity she has to start a new trend.  Her favorite color is green like her eyes and she has a super funny sense of humor.

• Sasha – Bossy?  Sasha is merely misunderstood.  She is just determined, confident and knows what she wants.  She enjoys confrontation if it is a meaningful argument and hopes to be a record producer one day.

• Yasmin – Referred to as the Pretty Princess, she is quiet, graceful, feminine and glamorous. She loves to explore alternative trends in beauty, fashion and fitness.

Clothing and Doll Lines

There are plenty of new and extra trendy dress up Bratz dolls to choose from this season.

• Bratz Party Dolls – This line has an abundance of hip clothing and accessories with high-heeled ankle boots, ruffled skirts, vests, hot shorts, hats and over the top jewelry.

• Passion for Fashion Dolls – These dress up Bratz dolls are more simplistic with short dresses, tights, thigh high leg warmers, denim and casual tops.

• Bratz Let’s Talk Dolls – These are the dress up Bratz dolls that you would picture walking the halls of trendy schools.  Fedoras, short skirts, high heels, legwarmers, leggings and plenty of contrasting patterns are seen in this line.

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Barbie Dolls

Barbie Dolls Never Go Out of Style

Barbie dolls are without a doubt the most long-lived toy that has never lost its popularity.  This American fashion doll was introduced in March of 1954 by Mattel, Inc.  Barbie dolls have played a huge roll in fashion and brought smiles to girls of all ages for many years.  These toys are a staple to American culture as much as Disney World and the Statue of Liberty.  That being said, Barbie dolls have certainly received their share of controversy.

Barbie Controversies

• The main concern with Barbie dolls was always their intoxicating figure.  While most people playing with a Barbie understand that this is a toy, of course, there has to be parents that argue that an unrealistic image is being portrayed.  According to statistics, Barbie was 35 pounds underweight so finally in 1997, Mattel gave her a wider waist.

• In 1968, Christie, the first African-American Barbie was created which was followed by more in 1980.  However, consumers claimed the facial and body features were not correct so in September 2009, Mattel launched the So In Style product line to accommodate expectations.

• In 1997, Share a Smile Becky was introduced in a pink wheelchair.  A cerebral palsy sufferer argued that these Barbie dolls could not fit in the Dream House elevator so Mattel redesigned the house.

• In 2000, there were speculations that Barbie dolls were created from hard vinyl that could leak toxic chemicals.  Technical experts found this accusation to be false.

• When Totally Tattoos Barbie was created in 2009, there were unhappy parents since Mattel suggested that these temporary tattoos could be applied to both the child and the toy.  Parents argued young children would want to grow up and get tattoos.  Obviously, these children have never been to the fair or circus and had fun temporary tattoos applied for the day.

Collector’s Edition

1. Glimmer of Gold Barbie – Created by Robert Best, there are only 999 of these Barbie dolls worldwide which could explain the $1000 retail price.  This Limited Edition doll is dressed up for a very special event in an ivory cocktail dress with golden embroidery.  She belongs to the exclusive Platinum LabelTM Collection.

2. Harley Davidson Barbie – These high-priced Barbie dolls are the first of a series.  She wears faux black leather and her backpack and jacket display Harley logos.  Barbie also comes with black boots, helmet and sunglasses.

3. 50th Anniversary Collector’s Barbie – This blond bombshell features 1959 glamor with a couture twist.  She is part of the Gold Label Collection and positively stunning for her 50th birthday.

4. Barbie Kentucky Derby Dolls – These 50th anniversary Barbie dolls are part of the Pink Label Collection.  She heralds southern traditions in her party dress, tulle skirt and wide-brimmed hat. She is designed for the adult collector.

5. Glamor African American Doll – These Barbie dolls are also part of the 50th anniversary Gold Label Collection.  She has the same vintage appeal as Glimmer of Gold Barbie except she is African American. Find more at Dublin Dun Laoghaire Reviews.

Lego Halos

Why Aren’t There Any Lego Halos?

While there are not any official Lego Halos, that hasn’t stopped enthusiasts from finding a way to create figures, weapons, warthogs and flamethrowers out of basic Lego building blocks.  Gamers who have enjoyed the Halo video game series can bring their favorite elements to life using the same toys that they played with when they were young.

Sources suggest that Lego Halos have never been created because Lego feels the story line and characters are just to violent for kids however, that seems to raise confusion on why they have a Star Wars and Indiana Jones series.  There were rumors several years ago about a Lego Halo video game for Xbox but nothing ever came from it.

Lego Halos Imports

Since Lego did not answer the requests for Lego Halos, Medicom, a Japanese company certainly did.  This imported rare collection can be found in small quantities at Amazon and Ebay.  It is a box set of four Master Chiefs from the Halo 3 video game.  This package includes white, steel, gold and green versions of Spartan Master Chief, with every figure standing less than three inches tall.

Make Your Own

Of course, this small imported box set of Lego Halos is not enough to keep fans happy.  The trilogy has been made into numerous comic books and novels and continues to inspire illustrators and writers who love the game.  You can use these print forms as a guide to create your own collection of Lego Halos.

Build your own battle unit, create customized scenes and design action figures with the vehicles, weapons and equipment you choose.  You can even construct your own Mega Structure to complete you Lego Halos set.

You can find step by step instructions and videos online, helping you create Lego Halos or you can simply figure it out yourself.  All you need to do is get yourself your own set of Lego and start building!

Mega Bloks Halo Wars

Since the world’s favorite brand hasn’t given in to the endless demands for Lego Halos, you may be interested in Mega Bloks Halo Wars that was released by a Canadian toy company.

They are quite similar to Lego and have an extremely large Halo line that exploded in popularity in 2009.  Their line includes a multitude of Halo characters and props including UNSC Turret, Spartan mini figures, Covenant Ghost Assault Vehicle. Warthog, M68 Gauss Canno. Find more great deals at Dublin Dun Laoghaire Reviews.

Starcraft 2 Review

Starcraft 2 – The Battle of Reviews

While there are always expected mixed reviews over video games, Starcraft 2 has created quite a battle of opposing feelings.  Many people seem to be rating the game on what they feel should have been included since only one-third of the game is fully released.  The problem with these reviews is that you basically know what you are getting when you buy the game and reviews should address the game, not your personal opinion of feeling ripped off.

This is a long game.  Even if technically there are four less missions than the original Starcraft, they are lengthy, original and detailed.  In fact, ever single mission has at least one unit or one trick to introduce to its player which reduces the repetitive and formulaic approach offered in most games.

There are plenty of gimmicks to encounter such as stealing your enemy’s weapon and using it against them, dealing with nighttime zombie creatures, attacking trains while avoiding death and staying out of the lava.  These missions on Starcraft 2 are creative and involved.

Played on normal difficulty most missions take about a half hour or so to complete.  However, every mission actually has a few added goals because its really doubtful you will do everything you need to do on your first attempt through.  Of course, you then can play the game on higher difficulty levels which forces you to try out different strategies if you want to be successful.

Starcraft also shows quite a few similarities with Wing Commander and Mass Effect, offering a substantial amount of content in flavor text, conversation, research options, upgrade choices and TV news reports.  If you rush through these features between missions, you really cheat yourself out of a good amount of the game.

You can also practice your strategies against the Al before you begin your journey online.  This gives you a safe place to learn tricks and higher level tactics at your own pace.  You’ll be required to kill some enemies by using your hot keys.  These are challenging experiences but they enable you to connect with the game on a deeper level.  There are nine of these additional challenge missions on Starcraft 2 which also adds to even more playtime.

Complaints about the length of Starcraft 2 are clearly coming from novice players who simply want to rush through the game from beginning to end without appreciating the whole experience.  Starcraft 2 has a lot to offer to those who take the time to really connect with the game and tryout all of the available extras. Dublin Dun Laoghaire Reviews.

10 Lego Technic Sets

Top 10 Lego Technic Sets Reviews

What are Lego Technic Sets?  Only some of the most challenging and detailed pieces that Lego has ever created!  It’s no surprise that the Lego Technic Sets are being purchased for just as many adults to construct as children.  These are the kind of creations that are even perfect for the whole family to get involved in together.  Below is a list of the top 10 Lego Technic Sets that are currently high in demand.

1. 8043 Motorized Excavator – There is certainly not a construction project that is too big for Lego’s heavy duty excavator.  The remote control allows you to drive it and spin the cabin around 360 degrees.  You can also operate the shovel and lower the articulated arm and then rebuild it as a tractor loader.

2. 8259 Mini Bulldozer – These impressive Lego Technic Sets run on tracks that spin when you push them.  By turning the model in the back, you can raise and lower the front blade too. Rebuild this creation into a mini excavator.

3. 8256 Go Kart – When this go-kart moves, there is a real working piston that moves as well and it has steering.  Push the model and the piston moves!  These Lego Technic Sets can be transformed into a lawnmower.

4. 8260 Tractor – This small tractor has a large front bucket that is easily raised and lowered with the turn of a handle.  The wheels spin and the bucket can be dumped.  Rebuild this into a motorcycle.

5. 8051 Motorbike – This may be one of the most high-tech Lego Technic Sets yet.  The working drive train on this motorcycle actually powers a three cylinder engine.  It has front and rear suspension, racing tires and rims and a kickstand.  Transform this into a chopper motorcycle.

6. 8047 Compact Excavator – Use the control knob to complete small digging jobs.  This excavator runs smoothly on working belt treads and has a shovel perched at the end of an articulated arm.  Rebuild this excavator into a material handler.

7. 8046 Helicopter – This makes the favorite list of Lego Technic Sets for how realistic it is.  Turn the gear wheel on the helicopter and you can make the rotors spin or turn a different gear to lift loads with the winch.  Rebuilds into a seaplane.

8. 8049 Tractor with Log Loader – This impressive pneumatic-powdered tractor allows you to unhitch the loader trailer easily.  Valves operate the articulated crane arm that you can grasp logs with.  Rebuild this into a long handler.

9. 8262 Quad Bike – The list of top Lego Technic Sets would not be complete without a quad bike. This has four-wheel, fully independent suspension, working pistons and steering.  Rebuild this quad into a dune buggy.

10. 8052 Container Truck – This new Lego allows you to pick a container up or drop it off.  Power functions operate the fully motorized container.  Rebuild this into a tipper trailer. Dublin Dun Laoghaire Reviews

Lego Mars Mission Lives On

Lego Mars Mission Lives On Review

Since being discontinued in 2009, Lego Mars Mission has become more popular than ever.  This two-year lived collection is one that you need to buy two of.  One that you can open and enjoy and the other to keep packaged up somewhere safe to sell to a Lego enthusiast at a later time.

The Red Planet revealed crystals, a new power source, so a team of determined astronauts are sent from Earth to go collect them.  Of course, they aren’t aware of the aliens lurking there that they have to compete with upon their arrival.

The astronauts use special exploration vehicles to mine the crystals, soon to discover that the aliens are stealing them.  The exploration vehicles quickly transition into high-tech military forces and the battle on Mars begins.

The 417 piece Lego Mars Mission set comes with a launch pad, tower, Delta launch vehicle, Mars odyssey orbiter and Mars exploration rover.  Of course, recreating the 2003 Mars Mission is just the beginning.  There is plenty of work to do after landing on Mars with the Lego Mars Mission Crystal Reaper MT-61.  This is a 600 piece research laboratory and rover unit that is necessary to be able to acquire the crystals.  This set also has an alien strike ship included.

There’s an awful lot of aliens up on Mars fighting for those crystals so you probably want to be assured the quality of your fighting aircraft.  The Lego Mars Mission Hypersonic Spacecraft MX-81 is one high-tech machine.  It is actually five different vehicles in one and loaded with all the weaponry that you need to protect yourself and the rest of the astronauts from the alien.

If by chance, playing the bad guy is more your thing, Lego has you covered with their Lego Mars Mission Alien Infiltrator ETX.  From this, you can attack the astronauts by controlling the alien spaceship.  Should the battle get fierce in the air and you have to take it to land, the spaceship converts in lighting speed into a combat walker.  The Alien Infiltrator comes with two astronaut figurines as well as an alien.

The MB-01 Eagle Command Base with the Lego Mars Mission collection is another must have if you want to have any kind of chance of fulfilling your requirements of collecting the crystals.  This set comes with a crystal examiner, alien, four powered foam missels and a pump system.

These primary sets of the Lego Mars Mission will get you started on your battle.  Later you may want to add the Claw Tank Ambush, Armored Drilling Unit, Ultra-Drill Walker and the Crystal Hawk. Dublin Dun Laoghaire Reviews.