Top 10 Lego Creations

Top 10 Designer Lego Creations

When  most adults think of Lego creations, they picture playing with simple toys as a child.  What you may not know is that there are some very challenging creations to be made by not only children but adults as well.

1. 5893 Off Road Power – This impressive off road vehicle is literally prepared for just about anything.  It has working steering and a solid suspension to handle nearly any obstacle.  The self-winding winch will enable you to pull yourself out of a jam or if you encounter rough terrain, you can always hop on the quad bike that you’re towing behind you.  This is one of the newest and hottest Lego creations because you can also opt to build a dune buggy or a truck with a digger instead.

2. 6754 Family Home – This classic looking family home comes with plenty of thoughtful details such as a bird bath, shutters, awning, picnic bench and a terrace are.  This 3-in-1 building experience allows you to turn the home into a Mediterranean-inspired villa or a charming bungalow.

3. 6751 Fiery Legend – This is one of the top-picked Lego creations for obvious reasons.  Who doesn’t love a fire-breathing dragon that has moveable wings, arms and legs?  You can choose to transform it into a powerful warrior with a hammer and shield or a mystical oriental dragon as well.

4. 6747 Race Rider – This has become one of the hottest Lego creations quickly.  You can build this super sports bike that comes equipped with working steering and suspension and then rebuild it into a powerful dragster or a chopper.

5. 5891 Apple Tree House – This 3-in-1 experience builds not only a classic family house but a relaxing summer house or a tall townhouse as well.  There are a lot of details included such as a working mailbox, lawnmower, satellite dish and even a ladder to the attic hidden under the roof.

6. 5868 Ferocious Creatures – The fact that you can make three different spectacular creatures puts this on the list of top Lego creations.  First you can build a ferocious green crocodile, equipped with a large articulated tail and completely movable legs and feet.  You can even open and close the jaw with a lever.  Then you can transform it into a deep sea fish or a dinosaur.

7. 6743 Street Speeder – This green sporty street machine has doors that open and it is sure to grab attention.  Of course, you could build a speedy race car or a cool hot rod instead.

8. 6745 Propeller Power – This is another one of the newer Lego creations that is making many wish lists pretty fast.  Build a propeller-powered airplane that comes equipped with landing gear and then rebuild it into a helicopter or harrier jet.

9. 6752 Fire Rescue – This red firetruck even has a rescue ladder that rotates 360 degrees.  It comes equipped with an opening roof and water cannon too.  Rebuild the firetruck into an off road vehicle or a very detailed fire rescue helicopter.

10. 5892 Sonic Boom – These three high speed vehicles are holding their place on the top Lego creations list.  Create a supersonic jet with moveable landing gear, tail fins and wing flaps or transform it into either a high speed boat or a dual propeller plane. Dublin Dun Laoghaire Reviews

Lego Batman Video Game

A Helpful Review of the Lego Batman Video Game

Lego Batman video game brings to life the beloved superhero in a unique and completely original storyline.  As a player, you are able to control the famous duo, Batman and Robin, along with Nightwing, a bonus hero, to protect Gotham City.  Through your journey you’ll encounter and have to fight against The Joker, Catwoman, The Penguin, Killer Croc, Scarecrow, Mr. Freeze, Two Face, The Riddler, Poison Ivy, Clayface, Harley Quinn, Killer Moth and Mad Hatter, just to name a few.

In the Lego Batman video game, there has been some sort of disruption at Arkham Asylum and all of the criminals have broken free and are ready to wreak havoc on Gotham City.  It is your job to save it using your favorite caped hero.  In this game, you not only have the opportunity to fight for justice, you can also choose to create chaos instead as some of your favorite villains including The Joker and Catwoman.

Playing as the caped crusader you will rocket through sewers and leap from rooftop to rooftop to arrive at your favorite locations in Gotham City.  You have the opportunity to use the rocket-powered Batmobile, stealthy Batwing or sleek Batboat to fight in the air, on land or at sea.

By unlocking the sonic and glide suits, Batman’s demolition and Robin’s magnetic, gravity and dive force, you can enhance the fighting and traveling abilities of this dynamic duo.  You can play the Lego Batman video game from start to finish from hero and villain sides.

Also, you have the opportunity to replay any level that you choose with characters you’ve unloaded in free-play mode.  Additionally, when you do this, be sure to access any areas that may have been previously hidden to find bonus content and additional awards.

Throughout the Lego Batman video game collect special Lego bricks and Lego studs to unlock plenty of extra features such as bonus levels and special power-ups.

Because you are able to play through the plot from different perspectives, you have the opportunity to introduce a substantial amount of playable characters.  From Mr. Freeze’s ice maker to the Joker’s shocking handshake, you’ll enjoy a generous amount of rooftop battles with refreshing architecture. Dublin Dun Laoghaire Reviews

Iron Man 2 Video Game

Refreshing Improvements to the Iron Man 2 Video Game

While the first Iron Man video game received far from favorable reviews, Iron Man 2 seems to have broke free from that reputation and made itself quite a few fans.  Many Marvel movie enthusiasts anxiously waited to see if the Iron Man 2 video game would be a success.  Of course, with the game being launched just before the movie hit the big screen, fans thought they could get a sneak peak at the movie.  No such luck!  This video game was made the right way and revealed none of the surprises that were to come shortly after in the movie.

While Don Cheadle and Samuel L. Jackson hand to voice characters they play in the movie, surprisingly, Tony Stark is voiced by Eric Loomis, not Robert Downey Jr.  Other characters from the movie such as the Black Widow and Crimson Dynamo do make an appearance in the game as well.

Iron Man 2 video game offers eight colorful and large levels.  The graphics are fairly impressive and the voice talent really hits a home run since Samuel L. Jackson provides a few one-liners in the cut scene.  The controls are really fabulous and you can launch into the air effortlessly with a quick tap of a button.

Whenever you want Iron Man to fly, he will but be aware that some scenes take place inside buildings so don’t get lost in air and lose where you need to be.  Getting around on foot is about as comfortable as flying and if you get close enough to your enemies, you can even melee with them.

The enemies are easily beaten one on one but they do get challenging enough in numbers.  They vary from smaller drones to giant walking tanks.  As time progresses, you are able to unlock new and exciting equipment and fighting styles.  Also, if you like to utilize a range attack, you can rise, hover, dodge and fall as your please.  With one of your four weapons, you can auto-target your enemies.  This is a tricky feature to get use to but forget about hitting your target without it.

Overall, there has been a significant improvement since the first Iron Man with a lot less frustrating features.  The various Iron Man suits that are unlocked are a nice touch too.  Anyone who is a diehard Iron Man fan will enjoy this game much more than the first one that was so disappointing.  According to rumor, Iron Man 3 may be in the works and will hopefully “iron” out any lingering kinks. Dublin Dun Laoghaire Reviews

Indiana Jones Video Game

Indiana Jones:  A Video Game of Great Value

Like cookies and milk, Lucasfilm and Lego pair up together to make the Indian Jones video game that is really something pretty spectacular.  Lego Indian Jones encompasses the initial three Indiana Jones movies where it borrows a lot of its structure and play mechanics from.

The game itself is divided into three separate adventures and then each one of them is further divided into chapters.  Every chapter has a generous supply of secret areas and collectibles that can only be obtained and accessed by specific characters being played in different modes.  This allows for a substantial amount of replay without getting bored or feeling overly repetitive.

Between levels in the Lego Indiana Jones game, the home base is Burnett college.  This is where you can go to save your progress, create characters, enter cheats, buy unlockables and view your personal assortment of collected artifacts.  The environment of the college is destroyable so you can break plenty of items which is always good for aggression.

The Indiana Jones video game is pretty addicting and if you need to leave the room for a minute, you can allow the computer to take over for you.  However, you should know not to assume that if you leave it running, it will get you past that tough spot because it doesn’t always succeed and it is not necessarily any better of a player than you.

There are plenty of enemies and they come at you in large hordes.  Indy has some remarkable combat moves including the body slam, full nelson and many other grappling techniques.  You don’t receive any weapons but you can pick up rocket launchers and guns that are dropped by your enemies and use them until they run out of ammunition.

Of course, an Indiana Jones video game would not be complete without some wicked acrobatics.  Indy packs a whip that he uses for many moves such as collecting treasure, swinging across gaps and even capturing his female partner to lay a big kiss on her.  For children, this is a perfect game because Indy doesn’t kill his opponents but rather smashes them into tiny Lego pieces to be put back in the bucket so although violence is present, it’s more amusing than anything and nothing dies.  Also, the sounds are definitely movie inspired and fit the game like a glove.

A real welcome feature in the game is that there are a least 60 characters to be unlocked which can really prolong the life of it so it certainly gives you your money’s worth.  Oh, and some of the characters are from Star Wars universe.  What could possibly be better than Star Wars and Indiana Jones together in your game and on your television screen? Dublin Dun Laoghaire Reviews

Halo Reach the Grand Finale

Halo Games – Reach

While Halo:Reach does wink at its predecessors, the game is still a gigantic step forward.  Sprinkles of successful elements from the earlier games are found while a new design level rises from the core.  The action in the game is never at a stand still, moving from one scenario to another with an abundance of twists.

The best new addition in Reach that the other Halo games did not have is the armor abilities.  These reusable but temporary extra abilities add jet packs, invincible armor and sprinting which results in a much more acrobatic game.  Don’t think these extras make it any easier on you though.  This game is easily one of the most challenging in the franchise.  Oh, and the soundtrack is simply epic.  It literally elevates your gaming experience.

The sense of scale in Halo:Reach is unparalleled as you feast your eyes on a striking color palette.  The war you fight ranges across the planet, not just in theory but visuals as well.

Everything you do in the game earns you credits and if you accumulate enough, you can really make your Noble 6 quite unique by unlocking customization features.  This new and improved personalized look carries on through every scene, interestingly, even the cut scenes.  It is also quite appreciated by some to be able to hop out of the game and edit which rules you want as well.  You can control how destructive weapons are and who you face in Firefight.

Xbox live members have the opportunity to enter in daily and weekly challenges to compel you to keep coming back to prove your skills.  The first Halo was a humble, small game featuring indelible, strong characters.  Gamers were drawn to it because of the multilayer feature and that quality certainly does more than impress in this last addition of the Halo games.

Halo:Reach is a must play for anyone who thrives on multiplayer action.  Also, the game’s outstanding matchmaking abilities is so intuitive it’s almost scary.  Rarely are you dropped into a battle you can’t handle.  Combat holds true to its organic feel.  You will switch from your pistol to assault rifle, lob grenades and hijack a few vehicles in your spare time.

Whether you like to play Halo games with your friends or all alone, Halo:Reach is really a fantastic package to act as a finale to one of the best multilayer games in history. Dublin Dun Laoghaire Reviews

Lego Star Wars The Clone Wars

Lego Star Wars Continues With The Clone Wars

With the Lego Star Wars video game, you can combine every episode, be every villain and of course, play every hero. The entire Star Wars Saga has new characters, improved features and more challenging levels. Solve puzzles with Lego Star Wars that encourage the use of team work, creative thinking and unique building situations that only Lego could create.

  • Nintendo DS – Lego Star Wars has been rebuilt from the beginning for Nintendo DS, including new mini games.

  • Wii – Now, for the first time, you can use your Wii remote to work your lightsaber in exciting and fresh ways.

  • Xbox 360 and PS3 – Both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 enjoy HD graphics and online co-op so friends can play together regardless of location.

So, why all the new hype about Lego Star Wars? Simple, Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars has combined all of the best and favorite elements of previous Lego games and added new, exciting game play. All of this makes it the most action-packed Lego game to date.

Of course, since the original Lego Star Wars has sold over 20 million units around the world, that makes for a lot of enthusiasts who have anxiously awaited this arrival so finding one could be a challenge in itself. The Clone Wars will include the same characters from the popular animated television series as well as a few favorites from the theatrical Star Wars Saga.

The new Lego Star Wars will feature new battle moves and allow players to engage in head-to-head combat. There will also be an upgraded level builder which allows for the creation of in-game battlefields and customized bases. You have the option to play either as a Separatist or a Jedi with impressive new character abilities including lightsaber jumps, squad commands, lightsaber slicing, grapple tie-ups and even long distance Jedi attacks.

Of course, the fun doesn’t stop with the video game. Lego Star Wars is available as a full line of challenging building creations. The Droid Tr-Fighter comes with droid escorts and rocket powered balls while the General Grievous Starfighter Lego Star Wars collection comes with General Grievous, a 4-D droid, Jedi knight mini figurines and a starfighter with hidden flick-firing missiles.

Other Lego Star Wars creations to collect and build are Cad Bane’s Speeder, Clone Turbo Tank, Pio Koon’s Jedi Starfighter, Anakin’s Y-Wing Starfighter, Clone Walker Battle Pack, Hyena Droid bomber and Republic Attack Shuttle. Dublin Dun Laoghaire Reviews