Benefits of Using Strategy Guides

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The Benefits of Using Strategy Guides

While playing a video game through the first time blind is exciting and challenging, you simply have to agree that using strategy guides is the only way to unlock a game’s full potential.  Of course, you may choose to use them the first time that you approach the game to finish before all of your friends too!

Using strategy guides empowers you with all of the hints for every solution to unlock every level, weapon, prize and character.  Quite often, it is like playing a game over for the first time because so much can be missed on the initial run.

Strategy Guides vs Walkthroughs

There seems to be a little confusion on using strategy guides vs walkthroughs.  While a walkthrough can be helpful in assisting you through that screen you can’t get past, they are not official and do not contain everything that you need to know about the game.  They are simply written by helpful, advanced gamers who have cleared the game and can offer a bit of guidance to others.

On the other hand, using strategy guides that are marketed as official are created by the game distributor who knows every detail of the game.  After all, isn’t playing video games all about comparing your game with your friends and bragging about accomplishments?  There is no way your friends can know how to unlock and find certain things unless they are using strategy guides as well.  Therefore, there is a good chance that you could be the only person who knows all of the secrets of the game!


While using strategy guides may vary from game to game, there are some typical contents that most will provide.

• A map of the entire game that displays where every item is found, even the hidden ones.

• Very detailed game-play information.  You will usually find maneuvers or combination moves that you probably would not figure out if you weren’t using strategy guides.

• Instruction in great detail for how to address every location.

• Puzzle explanations and how to solve them.

• Enemy details including their weapons, powers, tricks, maneuvers and how to beat them.

• A checklist of all of the collectable items.  Of course, the more you collect, the more interesting the game becomes.

• Thorough walkthroughs of every level.  If you memorize these you can really show off to your friends!

• Strategy advice for multi-player function.

Using strategy guides just takes any game to a whole new level.  They are also a great idea to pick up if you have an older game that you’re already cleared, it’s almost like playing a whole new game again when you unlock all of the secrets! See more in Dublin Dun Laoghaire Reviews

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