Warcraft Cataclysm

Release of Warcraft Cataclysm The third expansion set for World of Warcraft, an online role-playing game has been developed with a ton of new surprises.  This expansion will be made available as a Collector’s Edition, Standard Edition or as a download from Blizzard’s online store. The Story Behind Warcraft Cataclysm There is an ancient evil […]

Lego Batman Video Game

A Helpful Review of the Lego Batman Video Game Lego Batman video game brings to life the beloved superhero in a unique and completely original storyline.  As a player, you are able to control the famous duo, Batman and Robin, along with Nightwing, a bonus hero, to protect Gotham City.  Through your journey you’ll encounter […]

Indiana Jones Video Game

Indiana Jones:  A Video Game of Great Value Like cookies and milk, Lucasfilm and Lego pair up together to make the Indian Jones video game that is really something pretty spectacular.  Lego Indian Jones encompasses the initial three Indiana Jones movies where it borrows a lot of its structure and play mechanics from. The game […]