Playmobil Sets for Presents

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Top 10 Playmobil Sets for Presents

There are an abundance of fun adventures to be enjoyed when you give Playmobil sets for Presents.  Every set features their own environment, theme, characters and accessories and they allow children the opportunity to explore different ideas and cultures.  These toys are fun, colourful, safe and ideal for quite a large age group so your kids won’t get bored with them a week later which happens with many toys.  Below are the top 10 Playmobil sets for Presents.

1. Dragon’s Land – This Christmas-themed set features a back drop of a castle with a drawbridge, Christmas tree and snow.  Inside the box you will find both a white and a black horse along with two knights, a red dragon, skeleton, treasure chest and plenty of weapons for a battle.

2. Three-Headed Sea Serpent –  You receive a three-headed green sea serpent for the pirate skeleton character to ride in.

3. Wild Life Conservation – This is definitely one of the larger Playmobil sets for that comes with a lot of pieces.  This care station features a two story building with plenty of fencing, trees and furniture as well as two caretakers and baby animals.

4. Veterinarian With Car – The veterinarian with car is a perfect addition for anyone who already has one of the animal hospitals or clinics.  Although, with all of the medical equipment that this set features, the veterinarian could be played with all by himself to make house calls.

5. Bakery Entrepreneur – These Playmobil sets are from the In the City collection.  They feature plenty of baked goods to sell, shopping baskets and a cash register.  They are a perfect add on to any of the city collections.

6. Suburban House – Here is the ultimate Playmobil gift.  The charming house has a terrace with garden furniture, grill and even tilting attic windows.  There is a winding staircase and the doorbell really chimes.  The house features a living room, kitchen with dinette set, master bedroom and a family bathroom.

7. Horse Farm – These Playmobil sets are the perfect way to begin the entire Pony Ranch collection.  The open barn has stables, two keepers, three horses and a cat.  There are also a generous supply of accessories such as fences, hurdles to jump, flags, food, shovels, wheelbarrow and riding gear.

8. Penguins – From the Zoo collection, the penguin sets remain a favorite.  The basin can be filled with water and there is even a working waterfall for the penguin to play in.  Set comes with zookeepers, child, four penguins, food and a pelican.

9. Family Van With Trailer and Boat – As part of the Nautical Expedition collection, this is one of the top-picked Playmobil sets.  The green van pulls a flashy speedboat on a trailer.  The set includes a family, dog, luggage and a picnic basket.

10. My Take Along Farm – This portable farm building can store away a farmer, his family, plenty of animals and accessories in a two-story, red, closeable barn with handle.

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