Life with the Virus

Its crazy times we are living in, politics, global uncertainty and to top it of we have the virus. Its easy to understand that there will be friction in the home with job losses and enforced working from home in some areas.

If you are working on site, the uncertainty is hanging over you and with opinions split over the virus tensions are high. It seems no matter where you look there seems to be discord.

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With the virus affecting so many people from all walks of life it can be hard to see an end in sight. It looks the world as we know it has changed.  Yes the vaccines are around the corner but there still is uncertainty about the effectiveness of them.

If I can get one I will, but will I then be immune, how long will it last and will there be side effects years down the road. Only time will tell.

What we do know is that many shops have taken a knock with some shooting their doors for good. Others will have a reduced workforce. Wearing masks will be around for some time as we work on finding a balance.

Hopefully it will all go well but I know where I am, they are testing livestock because of reports of a different strain being found. Hopefully this will turn out to be false or the trains we can’t catch.

No matter what, we need to find a way to live with the changes. With the population increasing and humans continuing to expand into what once was forests we can’t say it wont happen again. We need to be prepared and live our life in the best way we can.

Top Five Massage Gifts

If you plan on spending a romantic holiday with your significant other, massage gifts will certainly compliment the evening.  You don’t have to be a professional masseuse, all you need is the right setting and a few massage gifts.

Why Not Just Buy a Massage?

Sure, the popular (and easy) thing to do is to simply buy a gift certificate at a spa or even go as a couple and get massages together but where is the romance in that?  Massages are a very personal way of showing your affection toward your partner and using massage gifts will make the evening an event to remember.

Setting the Mood

Top on your list of massage gifts should always be candles to tempt your senses and set ambiance.  Scent is very sensual so the right candles will enhance the experience.  Vanilla or candied aromas are always ideal as are lavender, lilac and soft floral scents.  If you went to a tropical island for your honeymoon, try to find a candle that reminds you of that time.  You will also need music, dim lighting and even some rose petals.

Massage Gifts

1. Oils – You almost cannot have a special massage without the assistance of oils.  Kama Sutra Therapy Kit is a recommended choice, it contains sweet almond, healing blend, serenity, pleasure garden and soaring spirit.

2. Edible Chocolate Lotions and Oils – What could be better than a massage that doubles as a decadent treat?  These massage gifts come in both dark and white chocolate and you may even be able to find other flavours like chocolate covered cherry or caramel.

3. Massages – A heart-shaped back massager will certainly do the trick if you’re not the best masseuse.  If you look hard enough you will also find that there are some massagers that heat up to really work those tired and sore spots.

4. Hot Wax – Do not use ordinary candles unless your partner really enjoys scalding hot wax on their skin, not to mention, they’re toxic.  Instead, choose edible massage candles that burn, smell fantastic, feel amazing and taste delicious.  Wicked Wax makes them in peach, citrus and sex on the beach flavours and should be added to your list of massage gifts.

5. Accessories – There are relaxing and sensual accessories to add to your massage such as a fancy back-scratcher, feather teaser or a soft fur mitt.

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Top 10 Gifts for Pets

For many individuals, gifts for pets are at the top of their shopping list.  Of course, this only makes sense since pets are a part of the family and often the most well-behaved members so they should receive gifts.  So, what do you look for when you buy gifts for pets?  Basically, anything that they may not get on a daily basis.  Of course, pets love unconditionally so even a discount toy or treat is still going to get a tail wag or a purr.

1. Cool Pet Pad – You may actually want to buy one of these for yourself.  This cushion cools with no water, electricity or refrigeration.  No mess!  No maintenance!  It is weight-activated and cools for up to four hours at a time and lasts for many years.  It is perfect for pets with arthritis, recovering from surgery or those that have allergies or skin conditions.  Not to mention, it is the safest way to keep your pet cool in the summer.

2. B.B Simon Dog Collar – These are not your typical dog collars, in fact, they will run you around $80 but they are stunning.  They are available in a full menu of colors with leather trimmed in silver and accented with plenty of Swarovski crystals.

3. Cat Tower – It is no secret that cats love to climb so give your feline friends their own kitty condo or tower.  Not only does this give them a place to hide from the dog, they are usually made with material that will attract cat hair to reduce shedding on your furniture.

4. Whiner and Diner Elevated Feeders – These unique elevated cat dishes and dog bowls are hand-crafted from wooden wine crates with stainless steel bowls.  Their Eco-friendly and offer free personalization.  These are available in an assortment of heights and in one, two or three bowl configurations.

5. Woof Hoofs Dog Boots – These are the perfect gifts for pets if your dog’s paws get cold in the winter or irritated by the hot pavement in the summer.  They are available in various sizes and in either summer or winter sets.  Don’t worry, if you loose one you can even order a single boot as a replacement.

6. Puppy Cake – Yes, you can order your own cake mix and frosting from the Puppy Cake Company and show your four-legged friend that you are willing to bake for him.

7. Clothing – If everyone else in your family is getting a new sweater or coat than perhaps your pet should too.

8. Toy box – Wouldn’t it be nice if your pets had a toy box to keep all of their belongings in?  Then you wouldn’t have to complain every time you trip over a toy.  You may be quite surprised at how easy it is to train them to put their toys away as well.

9. Treats – You should know that special treats would be on the list of gifts for pets. Keep in mind that the bigger the rawhide or bone you get your dog, the longer they will stay occupied and your house will remain calm.

10. Toys – You can never go wrong with new pet toys.  You can buy a whole stocking of toys pretty cheap or you get them a more expensive toy that you may not usually buy through the year.

It is important to note to keep ribbons and bows away from pets.  They probably love playing with big balls of rolled up wrapping paper but stringy items like ribbon can get lodged in their throat or intestines if they do happen to swallow it.

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Top K’nex Sets

There are super phenomenal K’nex sets! These construction sets build self-confidence, inspire creativity and encourage interaction.  The toys consist of connectors and interconnecting plastic rods for endless building possibilities.  The 43-ft Eiffel Tower designed by an engineering student in 2009 so K’nex sets are certainly not exclusive to children.

1. Cobra’s Curse Duelling Coaster – This set includes more than 1,100 pieces, two coaster cars and a motorized chain to create a roller coaster that stands to be 3.5 feet tall.  The cars literally travel over 32 feet of color-coded track as they race to the finish.

2. Speed Demon Coaster  – There may not be as many twists and turns with these K’nex sets but there is one giant, frightening hill.  As the motorized chain brings the car to the top, it releases it to travel over 19 feet of track.

3. Sesame Street School House – Your child will have fun for hours with 40 parts that includes a learn and  play activity sheet and alternate building ideas.  The school house is often paired up with the Neighbourhood Collection School Bus.

4. All-Star Bike – These K’nex sets belong to the Orange County Choppers collection and are officially registered by the O.C.C.  There are instructions to build two different models and the package comes with fat tires and a chrome engine.

5. Downhill Thrill – The extreme Monster Jam action can now be brought home.  Each set includes real working suspension, chunky tires and a Platinum Edition Grave Digger.  There is a 2 feet ramp and over 160 parts including a driver, graphics and logos.

6. Big Building Tub – These giant tubs are full of 50 chunky, colorful kid K’nex rods, blocks and connectors for little ones to snap, plug and stack together.  It comes with instructions for 10 different models for endless amounts of fun.

7. Construction Crew Series 2 – These new K’nex sets are just as fun as their first construction set was.  Collect and build the dump truck, giant excavator and bulldozer and they all have realistic motorized movements and make construction sounds.

8. Pirate Adventure – You have the ability to build 20 pirate-themed models with this set.  Over 250 parts are included as well as instructions and a pirate K’nexman who comes with a sword and a hat.

9. 88 Amp Energy Car – Dale Jr’s 88 Amp Energy car takes 100 bricks, connectors and rods to create as well as wheels and logos.  This should be purchased along side the 88 Amp Energy Transportation Rig.

10. Hi-Flyers Building Sets – These K’nex sets come with 130 parts to create 10 unique fun flying machines.  There is even a K’nexman and a hot air balloon included.

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Top 10 Vtech Baby Toys

Vtech baby toys are super hot this year!

The new Vtech baby toys are geared toward children between 3 and 36 months old.  It s suggested that this is one of the hardest age groups to buy for since they are not old enough to be into trendy toys, yet they easily bore with stuffed animals.  Not to mention, what parent doesn’t want to choose toys that are mentally stimulating.

Favourite Toys

• Sing and Count Fish – Bath time will never be the same again!  This adorable little orange, white and yellow fish has a fill reservoir and when the water is poured out to rinse your baby off, it makes sounds and plays melodies.  There is also a 1-2-3 button that teaches numbers and fun phrases.  The mechanical fin flashes and spins to provide an abundance of entertainment.

• Counting Fun Elephant – As your child distributes the colourful balls out through an air popper they experience counting fun.  The little bird determines if the balls will go to the fountain or the piano keys, which play music.

• Submarine Learning Boat – This is one of the top-picked Vtech toys because not only can it be played with in water and on dry land, it has a sensor that allows it to be noisy when water is sensed and quieter when not.  The dolphin captain teaches numbers, colours and animals.  When playing a game and the right button is selected, the baby is rewarded with a fun stream of water from the submarine.

• Learning Zebra Scooter – This is definitely on many wish lists this season!  It converts from a ride-on scooter to a push walker and comes with a flashlight, compass and walkie-talkie.  The zebra’s mane has five buttons that teach animals, destinations and colours and there is a fun horn too.

• Baby’s Learning Laptop – These Vtech baby toys come in pink or blue and feature a colourful keyboard and bright light up screen for plenty of interaction.  The laptop teaches objects, shapes, music and feelings and there is even a volume control with quieter play.

• Learn and Discover Driver – The toy features three different play modes, mirror, steering wheel, 3D car, traffic light and a joystick that all work together to teach about numbers, music and animals.  There are also light up arrows, gas pedal, radio and an ignition key for endless adventures.

• Dial and Discover Phone – Ending the favourite list of Vtech baby toys is one that should be on everyone’s list.   Baby learns to role play and the toy encourages talking.  There are light up buttons and it teaches colours, shapes and melodies.  This portable activity phone is one that will keep baby occupied and it is small enough to travel well when going shopping or for a long car ride.

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Top 10 Toy Story 3 Toys

Toy Story 3 toys are just as popular as you would expect them to be.

There are so many outstanding, fun-loving characters in this trilogy, you can’t help but want to collect the toys whether you’re a child or not.  Toy Story 3 toys for Christmas include models for Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jesse, Rex, Hamm, Slinky, Mr. Potato Head, Bo Peep, Bullseye, Barbie, Army Sarge, RC, Lenny, Wheezy, Etch, Mr. Spell, Rocky, Mr. Shark, Stinky Pete, Emperor Zurg, Lotso, Ken, Big Baby, Stretch, Twitch, Sparks, Chuckles, Dolly, Trixie and a whole lot more!

Below are mytop 10 Toy Story 3 toys.

1. Playtime Sheriff Woody – He is the classic talking, pull-string Woody, standing 16” tall.  He even knows if his hat is placed on his head.  This doll is very durable and great for kids.

2. Jessie the Talking Cowgirl – These Toy Story 3 toys feature a pull ring on their back for talking, making them the perfect companions for Woody dolls.  Jesse says over 20 phrases and wears a plastic shirt, belt buckle, boots and hat and the rest of her is a soft rag doll.

3. Blast Off Buzz Lightyear – Standing 12” tall, Buzz offers his original voice and at least 30 statements.  He has pop out wings, light up laser and sound effects and he is sized perfectly to ride RC.

4. Retro Slinky Dog – Slinky was a very popular 1950s toy who was featured in Toy Story 3.  He is a favorite for children two and up because he is a pull along toy who’s legs wiggle to try to walk to keep up.

5. Mr. Potato Head – This popular spud friend includes the same pieces that he wore in the movie and even has a storage compartment so you don’t lose any.  Mr. Potato Head is equipped with shoes, glasses, two mustaches, two noses, two sets of eyes, tongue, hat and ear accessories.

6. Bucket O Soldiers – These film accurate, small green men come in a variety of poses.  The bucket includes 72 pieces and there are even two working plastic parachutes included for the jumpers.

7. Rex the Roaring Dinosaur – Disney/Pixor did a fabulous job creating these Toy Story 3 toys.  Rex stands 12” tall and has rotating legs and arms.  Turn his tail to activate roaring or talking and he responds to speech and movement.  Rex even knows if you are yelling and will tremble a little.

8. RC Remote Control Car – RC magically moves from side to side, bounces up and down and spins 360 degrees.  Sound sensors even activate movement and sound effects and voice activation causes him to drive toward you.  RC is also equipped with an obstacle avoidance sensor to prevent him from having a collision.

9. Lotso Huggin’ Interactive Bear – These Toy Story 3 toys are on everyone’s wish list.  Lotso laughs when you tickle his feet and makes unique facial expressions.  He responds to your voice tone and knows if you are whispering or yelling and responds with plenty of phrases.

10. Space Aliens 3-Pack – Every alien has a unique facial expression and they come with a certificate of authenticity.  They are absolutely film accurate and finally a toy that adds no noise to your home.

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Kitchen Play Sets

Top Five Kitchen Play Sets

Kitchen play sets are equipped with more fun, realistic and thoughtful features than ever before.  These are interactive toys that allow your child to pretend like they’re grown up or simply entertain their friends.  They teach fabulous, real-life social skills and allow for endless fun possibilities.  Below are the top five kitchen play sets for Christmas.

1. Grow-With-Me-Kitchen – This pick by Fisher-Price is voted a favorite because it is actually low enough to the ground to be suited for ages 1 ½ to 5 years old.  As your child grows, you can adjust the height and features as well so it’s almost like getting two toys in one.  The Grow-With-Me-Kitchen features a microwave, oven, cups that nest or stack, clicking knobs, shape sorting, sounds and music.

2. Kidkraft Large Kitchen – There are sure to be a lot of little girls dreaming of these kitchen play sets and with the endless positive reviews, it is hard to find a reason not to buy one.  This large set is made from wood and is incredibly sturdy, painted in pastel shades of pink, blue and yellow.  The kitchen stove has very realistic burners and the microwave and the oven have see-through windows so the chef can check their food.  The sink is even removable for easy clean up.  There is also a very large refrigerator and stove and plenty of cupboard and counter space.

3. Sizzle n Serve Kitchen – These Little Tikes kitchen play sets are a bit pricy but stocked with so many extras you won’t need to buy any accessories.  This contemporary colonial archway not only has an oven and an ice maker that drops plastic ice cubes, there is a grill attached with faux flickering flames that make real sound effects.  There’s even a large serve window with a table on the other side.

4. Lifestyle Deluxe Kitchen – Step 2 designed these kitchen play sets for Christmas with all of the future gourmet chefs in mind.  It comes with 38 accessories, granite-looking counter tops, modern sink with pull out sprayer and all of the appliances actually make realistic electric sounds.  The special boiling pot and frying pan even make cooking sounds when lined up with the burners.

5. Grand Walk-In Kitchen – You better have a lot of spare room for these kitchen play sets because they may be larger than some real kitchens.  They feature a whole canopy roof room-like feel with plenty of open windows and stools to sit and eat at.  The stove, microwave and phone are electronic and the foam floor looks like oak while the counters appear to be granite.  The fridge and sink are stainless steel and the set comes with over 103 accessories that can be neatly stored in the built in drawers and cupboards.

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Scalextric Sets

Top Five Scalextric Sets for Presents

If you are looking for specific Scalextric sets for Presents, you better start shopping now because the favorites are sure to be sold out if you wait too long.  Although you may think that these are a new line of toys, Scalextric actually emerged onto the scene in the 1950s but they certainly have come a long way.  In the 21st century, the tracks underwent a significant redesign, making them easier to assemble and more popular than ever.

Scalextric sets typically contain sufficient track to create a circuit as well as throttles, power supply and cars.  Over the years, they have offered many film and television tie-ins and they all  remain just as popular as ever and some are regarded as quite valuable if you happen to be a lucky person who owns them.  A few of the  past varieties that are still popular Scalextric sets for Christmas for this year are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman Begins, The Simpsons, The Transformers, The Amazing Spider Man, Tim Burton’s Batman, Knight Rider, James Bond, The Italian Job, Starsky and Hutch, The Dukes of Hazzard, The Sweeney and Top Gear.

Latest Releases

1. Micro Scalextric Toy Story – These Scalextric sets won the 2010 Toy Talk Awards.  The set features one hairpin track, six straight pieces at various lengths, two track loop curves, six curve track pieces, one hand throttle, one power base, one transformer, one Buzz on RC car and one Woody on RC car.  When put together, the track length is 404 cm long!

2. Pro GT – Only adults should probably be given these expensive Scalextric sets. With this set, you can race four cars at one time, performing amazing maneuvers.  You can even switch lanes to block your opponent.  This set features a raised bridge section on a figure-eight circuit. It is also equipped with a digital lap counter to show the positioning of every car at the finish line.

3. Extreme GT – This huge, extended figure-eight track captures all the excitement of racing.  These Scalextric sets come with a Jaguar XKR-GT3 and a Dodge Viper that feature working rear and front lights, adjustable magnetic attraction so they stay on the circuit at high speeds and easy change pickups.

4. Scalextric Start Grand Prix – This set provides everything that a rookie racer needs including an easy-to-connect track, super tough cars, multiple circuit options, adjustable hand throttle and decals for the cars.  You can even extend this circuit later with the extension pack that contains two extra-long straight pieces.

5. Drift Kings – Last on the list of top Scalextric sets is this drifting track.  This allows you to demonstrate balance and ultimate drive control, performing fish tails and power slides.  The Nissan GT-R cars that are included are designed for 360 degree movement and they are super rigged to ensure many hours of impact drifting fun.

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Playmobil Sets for Presents

Top 10 Playmobil Sets for Presents

There are an abundance of fun adventures to be enjoyed when you give Playmobil sets for Presents.  Every set features their own environment, theme, characters and accessories and they allow children the opportunity to explore different ideas and cultures.  These toys are fun, colourful, safe and ideal for quite a large age group so your kids won’t get bored with them a week later which happens with many toys.  Below are the top 10 Playmobil sets for Presents.

1. Dragon’s Land – This Christmas-themed set features a back drop of a castle with a drawbridge, Christmas tree and snow.  Inside the box you will find both a white and a black horse along with two knights, a red dragon, skeleton, treasure chest and plenty of weapons for a battle.

2. Three-Headed Sea Serpent –  You receive a three-headed green sea serpent for the pirate skeleton character to ride in.

3. Wild Life Conservation – This is definitely one of the larger Playmobil sets for that comes with a lot of pieces.  This care station features a two story building with plenty of fencing, trees and furniture as well as two caretakers and baby animals.

4. Veterinarian With Car – The veterinarian with car is a perfect addition for anyone who already has one of the animal hospitals or clinics.  Although, with all of the medical equipment that this set features, the veterinarian could be played with all by himself to make house calls.

5. Bakery Entrepreneur – These Playmobil sets are from the In the City collection.  They feature plenty of baked goods to sell, shopping baskets and a cash register.  They are a perfect add on to any of the city collections.

6. Suburban House – Here is the ultimate Playmobil gift.  The charming house has a terrace with garden furniture, grill and even tilting attic windows.  There is a winding staircase and the doorbell really chimes.  The house features a living room, kitchen with dinette set, master bedroom and a family bathroom.

7. Horse Farm – These Playmobil sets are the perfect way to begin the entire Pony Ranch collection.  The open barn has stables, two keepers, three horses and a cat.  There are also a generous supply of accessories such as fences, hurdles to jump, flags, food, shovels, wheelbarrow and riding gear.

8. Penguins – From the Zoo collection, the penguin sets remain a favorite.  The basin can be filled with water and there is even a working waterfall for the penguin to play in.  Set comes with zookeepers, child, four penguins, food and a pelican.

9. Family Van With Trailer and Boat – As part of the Nautical Expedition collection, this is one of the top-picked Playmobil sets.  The green van pulls a flashy speedboat on a trailer.  The set includes a family, dog, luggage and a picnic basket.

10. My Take Along Farm – This portable farm building can store away a farmer, his family, plenty of animals and accessories in a two-story, red, closeable barn with handle.

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Jeff Dunham Peanut Doll

Why Does Everyone Want a Jeff Dunham Peanut Doll?

Standing 17 inches tall, the Jeff Dunham Peanut doll is inspired by the real Peanut who is accompanied in shows by his ventriloquist and comedian friend, Jeff Dunham.  Peanut is often called a comic genius who fascinates people of nearly all ages so it should come as no surprise that the Jeff Dunham Peanut doll finds itself out of stock more than it is available.

To children, this frenzied and fast toy is cute and funny while to teenagers he is hip, irreverent and super cool.  Adults find the Jeff Dunham Peanut doll naughty but loveable and wonderful yet goofy.  They adore and respect him because he clearly does not offer the same respect back which adds to his witty charm.  Peanut is manic with endless amounts of energy.

What’s so Great About This Doll?

Anyone who has every caught a clip of Jeff Dunham and his friend Peanut cannot help but be naturally drawn to the toy.  The Jeff Dunham Peanut doll is a purple-skinned, hyperactive woozle that has white fur on a majority of his body.  He wear a green tuft of fur on his head and he has only one red sneaker that is worn on his left foot.

Peanut comes from a Micronesian island.  Jeff and him are suggested to have met in Florida and Peanut often gets described as being the bad kid.

What is so fabulous about the Jeff Dunham Peanut doll is that it is just as loud and obnoxious as you would expect it to be.  He speaks seven of his favorite phrases that he is so famous for.  For a toy, his audios are very clear so when he talks, you actually know what he’s saying.

The Jeff Dunham Peanut doll weighs only about three pounds, runs on two AA batteries that are included and is surface washable.

New Variation

There is a new variation of the Jeff Dunham Peanut doll available.  He features the same spoken favorite lines and sarcastic attitude except that he wear a green shoe instead of a red one on his left foot.  This Peanut doll costs about $30 more than the original one.

What is a Woozle?

Most people wonder what exactly a woozle is.  The Jeff Dunham Peanut doll is inspired by a fictional creature that was first spoke of in Winnie the Pooh tales.  They are similar to  weasels but much more fun loving.

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