Top K’nex Sets

There are super phenomenal K’nex sets! These construction sets build self-confidence, inspire creativity and encourage interaction.  The toys consist of connectors and interconnecting plastic rods for endless building possibilities.  The 43-ft Eiffel Tower designed by an engineering student in 2009 so K’nex sets are certainly not exclusive to children. 1. Cobra’s Curse Duelling Coaster – This […]

Kitchen Play Sets

Top Five Kitchen Play Sets Kitchen play sets are equipped with more fun, realistic and thoughtful features than ever before.  These are interactive toys that allow your child to pretend like they’re grown up or simply entertain their friends.  They teach fabulous, real-life social skills and allow for endless fun possibilities.  Below are the top […]

Playmobil Sets for Presents

Top 10 Playmobil Sets for Presents There are an abundance of fun adventures to be enjoyed when you give Playmobil sets for Presents.  Every set features their own environment, theme, characters and accessories and they allow children the opportunity to explore different ideas and cultures.  These toys are fun, colourful, safe and ideal for quite […]