Top 10 Vtech Baby Toys

Vtech baby toys are super hot this year!

The new Vtech baby toys are geared toward children between 3 and 36 months old.  It s suggested that this is one of the hardest age groups to buy for since they are not old enough to be into trendy toys, yet they easily bore with stuffed animals.  Not to mention, what parent doesn’t want to choose toys that are mentally stimulating.

Favourite Toys

• Sing and Count Fish – Bath time will never be the same again!  This adorable little orange, white and yellow fish has a fill reservoir and when the water is poured out to rinse your baby off, it makes sounds and plays melodies.  There is also a 1-2-3 button that teaches numbers and fun phrases.  The mechanical fin flashes and spins to provide an abundance of entertainment.

• Counting Fun Elephant – As your child distributes the colourful balls out through an air popper they experience counting fun.  The little bird determines if the balls will go to the fountain or the piano keys, which play music.

• Submarine Learning Boat – This is one of the top-picked Vtech toys because not only can it be played with in water and on dry land, it has a sensor that allows it to be noisy when water is sensed and quieter when not.  The dolphin captain teaches numbers, colours and animals.  When playing a game and the right button is selected, the baby is rewarded with a fun stream of water from the submarine.

• Learning Zebra Scooter – This is definitely on many wish lists this season!  It converts from a ride-on scooter to a push walker and comes with a flashlight, compass and walkie-talkie.  The zebra’s mane has five buttons that teach animals, destinations and colours and there is a fun horn too.

• Baby’s Learning Laptop – These Vtech baby toys come in pink or blue and feature a colourful keyboard and bright light up screen for plenty of interaction.  The laptop teaches objects, shapes, music and feelings and there is even a volume control with quieter play.

• Learn and Discover Driver – The toy features three different play modes, mirror, steering wheel, 3D car, traffic light and a joystick that all work together to teach about numbers, music and animals.  There are also light up arrows, gas pedal, radio and an ignition key for endless adventures.

• Dial and Discover Phone – Ending the favourite list of Vtech baby toys is one that should be on everyone’s list.   Baby learns to role play and the toy encourages talking.  There are light up buttons and it teaches colours, shapes and melodies.  This portable activity phone is one that will keep baby occupied and it is small enough to travel well when going shopping or for a long car ride.

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