Dress Up Bratz Dolls

Celebrating over 10 years of Dress Up Bratz Dolls

Dress up Bratz dolls have stirred up more than their share of controversy.  Aside from the criticism that they are an American line that is manufactured in China, there is concern expressed by the American Psychological Association about he dolls’ sexy clothing and any effects that they can have on children.  That being said, there always has to be some people who find fault in female toys, cartoons or movie characters who happen to promote style and good looks!

Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha and Jade were re-released October 2010 for their 10th anniversary with new styles, bodies and looking better than ever.  Really, who wouldn’t want to play with these dolls?  They are glamorous!  In addition to the fabulous four clan, there are 10 new dress up Bratz dolls being Liliana, Carrie, Shira, Shadi, Leora, Ashby, Joelle, Tyla, Adri and Lydia.

Bios for the Dress Up Bratz Dolls

• Chloe – She loves to take pictures of her friends and has a down to earth and flirty personality. Chloe has tons of energy and athletic talent that she shows off playing soccer.  Her nickname is Angel which is fitting with those long blond locks and emerald green eyes and she is a vegetarian.

• Jade – Of all of the dress up Bratz dolls, Jade aka Kool Kat is the ultimate fashionista, jumping on every opportunity she has to start a new trend.  Her favorite color is green like her eyes and she has a super funny sense of humor.

• Sasha – Bossy?  Sasha is merely misunderstood.  She is just determined, confident and knows what she wants.  She enjoys confrontation if it is a meaningful argument and hopes to be a record producer one day.

• Yasmin – Referred to as the Pretty Princess, she is quiet, graceful, feminine and glamorous. She loves to explore alternative trends in beauty, fashion and fitness.

Clothing and Doll Lines

There are plenty of new and extra trendy dress up Bratz dolls to choose from this season.

• Bratz Party Dolls – This line has an abundance of hip clothing and accessories with high-heeled ankle boots, ruffled skirts, vests, hot shorts, hats and over the top jewelry.

• Passion for Fashion Dolls – These dress up Bratz dolls are more simplistic with short dresses, tights, thigh high leg warmers, denim and casual tops.

• Bratz Let’s Talk Dolls – These are the dress up Bratz dolls that you would picture walking the halls of trendy schools.  Fedoras, short skirts, high heels, legwarmers, leggings and plenty of contrasting patterns are seen in this line.

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Barbie Dolls

Barbie Dolls Never Go Out of Style

Barbie dolls are without a doubt the most long-lived toy that has never lost its popularity.  This American fashion doll was introduced in March of 1954 by Mattel, Inc.  Barbie dolls have played a huge roll in fashion and brought smiles to girls of all ages for many years.  These toys are a staple to American culture as much as Disney World and the Statue of Liberty.  That being said, Barbie dolls have certainly received their share of controversy.

Barbie Controversies

• The main concern with Barbie dolls was always their intoxicating figure.  While most people playing with a Barbie understand that this is a toy, of course, there has to be parents that argue that an unrealistic image is being portrayed.  According to statistics, Barbie was 35 pounds underweight so finally in 1997, Mattel gave her a wider waist.

• In 1968, Christie, the first African-American Barbie was created which was followed by more in 1980.  However, consumers claimed the facial and body features were not correct so in September 2009, Mattel launched the So In Style product line to accommodate expectations.

• In 1997, Share a Smile Becky was introduced in a pink wheelchair.  A cerebral palsy sufferer argued that these Barbie dolls could not fit in the Dream House elevator so Mattel redesigned the house.

• In 2000, there were speculations that Barbie dolls were created from hard vinyl that could leak toxic chemicals.  Technical experts found this accusation to be false.

• When Totally Tattoos Barbie was created in 2009, there were unhappy parents since Mattel suggested that these temporary tattoos could be applied to both the child and the toy.  Parents argued young children would want to grow up and get tattoos.  Obviously, these children have never been to the fair or circus and had fun temporary tattoos applied for the day.

Collector’s Edition

1. Glimmer of Gold Barbie – Created by Robert Best, there are only 999 of these Barbie dolls worldwide which could explain the $1000 retail price.  This Limited Edition doll is dressed up for a very special event in an ivory cocktail dress with golden embroidery.  She belongs to the exclusive Platinum LabelTM Collection.

2. Harley Davidson Barbie – These high-priced Barbie dolls are the first of a series.  She wears faux black leather and her backpack and jacket display Harley logos.  Barbie also comes with black boots, helmet and sunglasses.

3. 50th Anniversary Collector’s Barbie – This blond bombshell features 1959 glamor with a couture twist.  She is part of the Gold Label Collection and positively stunning for her 50th birthday.

4. Barbie Kentucky Derby Dolls – These 50th anniversary Barbie dolls are part of the Pink Label Collection.  She heralds southern traditions in her party dress, tulle skirt and wide-brimmed hat. She is designed for the adult collector.

5. Glamor African American Doll – These Barbie dolls are also part of the 50th anniversary Gold Label Collection.  She has the same vintage appeal as Glimmer of Gold Barbie except she is African American. Find more at Dublin Dun Laoghaire Reviews.