Top Five Massage Gifts

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If you plan on spending a romantic holiday with your significant other, massage gifts will certainly compliment the evening.  You don’t have to be a professional masseuse, all you need is the right setting and a few massage gifts.

Why Not Just Buy a Massage?

Sure, the popular (and easy) thing to do is to simply buy a gift certificate at a spa or even go as a couple and get massages together but where is the romance in that?  Massages are a very personal way of showing your affection toward your partner and using massage gifts will make the evening an event to remember.

Setting the Mood

Top on your list of massage gifts should always be candles to tempt your senses and set ambiance.  Scent is very sensual so the right candles will enhance the experience.  Vanilla or candied aromas are always ideal as are lavender, lilac and soft floral scents.  If you went to a tropical island for your honeymoon, try to find a candle that reminds you of that time.  You will also need music, dim lighting and even some rose petals.

Massage Gifts

1. Oils – You almost cannot have a special massage without the assistance of oils.  Kama Sutra Therapy Kit is a recommended choice, it contains sweet almond, healing blend, serenity, pleasure garden and soaring spirit.

2. Edible Chocolate Lotions and Oils – What could be better than a massage that doubles as a decadent treat?  These massage gifts come in both dark and white chocolate and you may even be able to find other flavours like chocolate covered cherry or caramel.

3. Massages – A heart-shaped back massager will certainly do the trick if you’re not the best masseuse.  If you look hard enough you will also find that there are some massagers that heat up to really work those tired and sore spots.

4. Hot Wax – Do not use ordinary candles unless your partner really enjoys scalding hot wax on their skin, not to mention, they’re toxic.  Instead, choose edible massage candles that burn, smell fantastic, feel amazing and taste delicious.  Wicked Wax makes them in peach, citrus and sex on the beach flavours and should be added to your list of massage gifts.

5. Accessories – There are relaxing and sensual accessories to add to your massage such as a fancy back-scratcher, feather teaser or a soft fur mitt.

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