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Starcraft 2 – The Battle of Reviews

While there are always expected mixed reviews over video games, Starcraft 2 has created quite a battle of opposing feelings.  Many people seem to be rating the game on what they feel should have been included since only one-third of the game is fully released.  The problem with these reviews is that you basically know what you are getting when you buy the game and reviews should address the game, not your personal opinion of feeling ripped off.

This is a long game.  Even if technically there are four less missions than the original Starcraft, they are lengthy, original and detailed.  In fact, ever single mission has at least one unit or one trick to introduce to its player which reduces the repetitive and formulaic approach offered in most games.

There are plenty of gimmicks to encounter such as stealing your enemy’s weapon and using it against them, dealing with nighttime zombie creatures, attacking trains while avoiding death and staying out of the lava.  These missions on Starcraft 2 are creative and involved.

Played on normal difficulty most missions take about a half hour or so to complete.  However, every mission actually has a few added goals because its really doubtful you will do everything you need to do on your first attempt through.  Of course, you then can play the game on higher difficulty levels which forces you to try out different strategies if you want to be successful.

Starcraft also shows quite a few similarities with Wing Commander and Mass Effect, offering a substantial amount of content in flavor text, conversation, research options, upgrade choices and TV news reports.  If you rush through these features between missions, you really cheat yourself out of a good amount of the game.

You can also practice your strategies against the Al before you begin your journey online.  This gives you a safe place to learn tricks and higher level tactics at your own pace.  You’ll be required to kill some enemies by using your hot keys.  These are challenging experiences but they enable you to connect with the game on a deeper level.  There are nine of these additional challenge missions on Starcraft 2 which also adds to even more playtime.

Complaints about the length of Starcraft 2 are clearly coming from novice players who simply want to rush through the game from beginning to end without appreciating the whole experience.  Starcraft 2 has a lot to offer to those who take the time to really connect with the game and tryout all of the available extras. Dublin Dun Laoghaire Reviews.

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