Toy Story 3 Video Game

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Toy Story 3:  The Best Video Game Yet

Released on June 15, 2010, the Toy Story 3 video game is full of adventure to satisfy any age player.  If you are a fan of the movie Toy Story 3, you will enjoy playing this game in story mode but don’t overlook the opportunity to check the game out in toy box mode as well for a sandbox full of surprises to play with.

While the first Toy Story game was limited with its available platforms, Toy Story 3 is found on Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, Wii, Sony PSP and Windows Vista/XP.  Developed by Avalanche Software, enthusiasts have certainly welcomed the impressive graphics in the game.

Should you choose to start the game in story mode, you have the ability to play as Buzz, Woody or Jesse with each character offering their own playing style.  In this mode, there are eight platform levels with every one bringing a fresh set of graphics.  Each level is very distinct from the others with a generous amount of achievements to be awarded and collectibles to find.

While the Toy Story 3 video game is not exactly like the movie, you do have the chance to visit many of the same places as well as meet quite a few of the characters.  Most have reported that a few of these scenes in story mode may be a bit challenging for some of the younger players so parents should be prepared to help a bit.

Toy box is the other play mode of the game that opens the way to a new world and allows your imagination to soar free.  This mode does not at all follow the story line of the movie but rather is based around the intriguing idea of how an environment is perceived by toys while someone is playing with them.

There are an abundance of activities to participate in while you play toy box mode such as finding hundreds of collectibles, complete different missions for various characters, customize buildings and people, race in an assortment of vehicles and more.

As long as you’re not in a hurry to complete a mission, you are always able to customize and decorate the town however you please as well as alter costumes worn by the townspeople.  If you are a fan of the Toy Story 3 movie, you’ll be  pleasantly surprised with the many familiar faces you’ll encounter.

Toy Story 3 is an ideal game for the family.  It is basically an open world playground beginning in the Wild West Town.  Choose who you want to be sheriff and then watch for characters like Hamm the Piggybank and Slinky Dog to give you missions.  Complete missions earn you plenty of rewards and when you’ve cleared the game, you can start over as a different character. Dublin Dun Laoghaire Reviews

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