Lego Halos

Why Aren’t There Any Lego Halos?

While there are not any official Lego Halos, that hasn’t stopped enthusiasts from finding a way to create figures, weapons, warthogs and flamethrowers out of basic Lego building blocks.  Gamers who have enjoyed the Halo video game series can bring their favorite elements to life using the same toys that they played with when they were young.

Sources suggest that Lego Halos have never been created because Lego feels the story line and characters are just to violent for kids however, that seems to raise confusion on why they have a Star Wars and Indiana Jones series.  There were rumors several years ago about a Lego Halo video game for Xbox but nothing ever came from it.

Lego Halos Imports

Since Lego did not answer the requests for Lego Halos, Medicom, a Japanese company certainly did.  This imported rare collection can be found in small quantities at Amazon and Ebay.  It is a box set of four Master Chiefs from the Halo 3 video game.  This package includes white, steel, gold and green versions of Spartan Master Chief, with every figure standing less than three inches tall.

Make Your Own

Of course, this small imported box set of Lego Halos is not enough to keep fans happy.  The trilogy has been made into numerous comic books and novels and continues to inspire illustrators and writers who love the game.  You can use these print forms as a guide to create your own collection of Lego Halos.

Build your own battle unit, create customized scenes and design action figures with the vehicles, weapons and equipment you choose.  You can even construct your own Mega Structure to complete you Lego Halos set.

You can find step by step instructions and videos online, helping you create Lego Halos or you can simply figure it out yourself.  All you need to do is get yourself your own set of Lego and start building!

Mega Bloks Halo Wars

Since the world’s favorite brand hasn’t given in to the endless demands for Lego Halos, you may be interested in Mega Bloks Halo Wars that was released by a Canadian toy company.

They are quite similar to Lego and have an extremely large Halo line that exploded in popularity in 2009.  Their line includes a multitude of Halo characters and props including UNSC Turret, Spartan mini figures, Covenant Ghost Assault Vehicle. Warthog, M68 Gauss Canno. Find more great deals at Dublin Dun Laoghaire Reviews.

Halo Reach the Grand Finale

Halo Games – Reach

While Halo:Reach does wink at its predecessors, the game is still a gigantic step forward.  Sprinkles of successful elements from the earlier games are found while a new design level rises from the core.  The action in the game is never at a stand still, moving from one scenario to another with an abundance of twists.

The best new addition in Reach that the other Halo games did not have is the armor abilities.  These reusable but temporary extra abilities add jet packs, invincible armor and sprinting which results in a much more acrobatic game.  Don’t think these extras make it any easier on you though.  This game is easily one of the most challenging in the franchise.  Oh, and the soundtrack is simply epic.  It literally elevates your gaming experience.

The sense of scale in Halo:Reach is unparalleled as you feast your eyes on a striking color palette.  The war you fight ranges across the planet, not just in theory but visuals as well.

Everything you do in the game earns you credits and if you accumulate enough, you can really make your Noble 6 quite unique by unlocking customization features.  This new and improved personalized look carries on through every scene, interestingly, even the cut scenes.  It is also quite appreciated by some to be able to hop out of the game and edit which rules you want as well.  You can control how destructive weapons are and who you face in Firefight.

Xbox live members have the opportunity to enter in daily and weekly challenges to compel you to keep coming back to prove your skills.  The first Halo was a humble, small game featuring indelible, strong characters.  Gamers were drawn to it because of the multilayer feature and that quality certainly does more than impress in this last addition of the Halo games.

Halo:Reach is a must play for anyone who thrives on multiplayer action.  Also, the game’s outstanding matchmaking abilities is so intuitive it’s almost scary.  Rarely are you dropped into a battle you can’t handle.  Combat holds true to its organic feel.  You will switch from your pistol to assault rifle, lob grenades and hijack a few vehicles in your spare time.

Whether you like to play Halo games with your friends or all alone, Halo:Reach is really a fantastic package to act as a finale to one of the best multilayer games in history. Dublin Dun Laoghaire Reviews