Dress Up Bratz Dolls

Celebrating over 10 years of Dress Up Bratz Dolls Dress up Bratz dolls have stirred up more than their share of controversy.  Aside from the criticism that they are an American line that is manufactured in China, there is concern expressed by the American Psychological Association about he dolls’ sexy clothing and any effects that […]

Buzlightyear to infinity and beyond

What Makes Buzlightyear so Special? “To infinity…..and beyond!” is usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Buzlightyear.  He made his debut as being a special birthday present for Andy.  Of course, like many other toys, Buzlightyear is confused, believing he is the real deal.  Interestingly he also believes that his […]

Sylvanian Families

The Craze for Sylvanian Families Continues to Grow Who could have ever imagined what a phenomenon collecting anthropomorphic plush figures known as the Sylvanian Families would become.  In 1985, Epoch, a Japanese company created these forest friends and since then, numerous companies have distributed them worldwide. Sylvanian Families are grouped into categories of specific forest […]

First Camcorder for Children

Interesting Information About the First Camcorder for Children The first camcorder for children was introduced by Fisher-Price in 1987.  The Deluxe PXL 2000 Camcorder System was priced right around $200 and well received by New York City’s American International Toy Fair.  At this annual extravaganza, the showing of the first camcorder for children was such […]

Warcraft Cataclysm

Release of Warcraft Cataclysm The third expansion set for World of Warcraft, an online role-playing game has been developed with a ton of new surprises.  This expansion will be made available as a Collector’s Edition, Standard Edition or as a download from Blizzard’s online store. The Story Behind Warcraft Cataclysm There is an ancient evil […]