Buzlightyear to infinity and beyond

What Makes Buzlightyear so Special?

“To infinity…..and beyond!” is usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Buzlightyear.  He made his debut as being a special birthday present for Andy.  Of course, like many other toys, Buzlightyear is confused, believing he is the real deal.  Interestingly he also believes that his equipment is functional as well.  Buzlightyear takes part in many fun adventures with Woody and his other friends throughout the trilogy.

His Special Suit

It is no secret that the suit that Buzlightyear wears is part of what makes him so special.  His high-tech apparel features a control panel on his chest as well as a large red button that allows him to fly by causing his backpack to unfold and the boosters to ignite.  Thoughtfully, there are red and green lights on the sides of his wings to avoid collisions in the air.

Buzlightyear has several buttons on his suit on the right side however none seem to have one specific command.  His suit protects him against space and his helmet holds all of the oxygen that he needs for his adventure.  There is a flip-open panel on his left arm that contains a mission log.  This is also a crucial part of the uniform that made him understand that he was a toy because the words Made in Taiwan are found there.

It is unknown how many spacesuits Buzlightyear actually has and this is obvious in all of the variations with toys and collector’s items.  Certain suits come with specific weapons and some are only to be used with rescue missions.

Top Toys

1. Ultimate Buzz Lightyear – This Buzlightyear toy from Pixar comes with a pretty heavy price tag but an abundance of fun features.  He speaks both English and Spanish and can move his arms, legs and head.  Buzlightyear walks, turns, salutes, dances, shoots his arm laser and plays a target game.  He is equipped with roaming control and has an infrared remote control.

2. Blast-Off Buzz Lightyear Toy Story 3 – Here is one of the most popular Buzlightyear toys available today.  He stands about 12 inches tall, speaks 30 phrases and offers other sound effects.  He has poseable joints, a moveable head, retractable helmet, pop-out wings and he looks exactly like his character from Toy Story 3.

3. Toy Story Talking Buzz Lightyear – Created by Disney and Pixar, this 12 inch action figure is highly detailed and considered the most accurate replica.  Buzlightyear has sound effects, he lights up, moves his head when he hears you speak and is fully articulate.  This remarkable toy offers 65 phrases, has pop out wings and green trim that glows in the dark. Find more at Dublin Dun Laoghaire Reviews.