Indiana Jones Video Game

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Indiana Jones:  A Video Game of Great Value

Like cookies and milk, Lucasfilm and Lego pair up together to make the Indian Jones video game that is really something pretty spectacular.  Lego Indian Jones encompasses the initial three Indiana Jones movies where it borrows a lot of its structure and play mechanics from.

The game itself is divided into three separate adventures and then each one of them is further divided into chapters.  Every chapter has a generous supply of secret areas and collectibles that can only be obtained and accessed by specific characters being played in different modes.  This allows for a substantial amount of replay without getting bored or feeling overly repetitive.

Between levels in the Lego Indiana Jones game, the home base is Burnett college.  This is where you can go to save your progress, create characters, enter cheats, buy unlockables and view your personal assortment of collected artifacts.  The environment of the college is destroyable so you can break plenty of items which is always good for aggression.

The Indiana Jones video game is pretty addicting and if you need to leave the room for a minute, you can allow the computer to take over for you.  However, you should know not to assume that if you leave it running, it will get you past that tough spot because it doesn’t always succeed and it is not necessarily any better of a player than you.

There are plenty of enemies and they come at you in large hordes.  Indy has some remarkable combat moves including the body slam, full nelson and many other grappling techniques.  You don’t receive any weapons but you can pick up rocket launchers and guns that are dropped by your enemies and use them until they run out of ammunition.

Of course, an Indiana Jones video game would not be complete without some wicked acrobatics.  Indy packs a whip that he uses for many moves such as collecting treasure, swinging across gaps and even capturing his female partner to lay a big kiss on her.  For children, this is a perfect game because Indy doesn’t kill his opponents but rather smashes them into tiny Lego pieces to be put back in the bucket so although violence is present, it’s more amusing than anything and nothing dies.  Also, the sounds are definitely movie inspired and fit the game like a glove.

A real welcome feature in the game is that there are a least 60 characters to be unlocked which can really prolong the life of it so it certainly gives you your money’s worth.  Oh, and some of the characters are from Star Wars universe.  What could possibly be better than Star Wars and Indiana Jones together in your game and on your television screen? Dublin Dun Laoghaire Reviews

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