Lego Mars Mission Lives On

Lego Mars Mission Lives On Review

Since being discontinued in 2009, Lego Mars Mission has become more popular than ever.  This two-year lived collection is one that you need to buy two of.  One that you can open and enjoy and the other to keep packaged up somewhere safe to sell to a Lego enthusiast at a later time.

The Red Planet revealed crystals, a new power source, so a team of determined astronauts are sent from Earth to go collect them.  Of course, they aren’t aware of the aliens lurking there that they have to compete with upon their arrival.

The astronauts use special exploration vehicles to mine the crystals, soon to discover that the aliens are stealing them.  The exploration vehicles quickly transition into high-tech military forces and the battle on Mars begins.

The 417 piece Lego Mars Mission set comes with a launch pad, tower, Delta launch vehicle, Mars odyssey orbiter and Mars exploration rover.  Of course, recreating the 2003 Mars Mission is just the beginning.  There is plenty of work to do after landing on Mars with the Lego Mars Mission Crystal Reaper MT-61.  This is a 600 piece research laboratory and rover unit that is necessary to be able to acquire the crystals.  This set also has an alien strike ship included.

There’s an awful lot of aliens up on Mars fighting for those crystals so you probably want to be assured the quality of your fighting aircraft.  The Lego Mars Mission Hypersonic Spacecraft MX-81 is one high-tech machine.  It is actually five different vehicles in one and loaded with all the weaponry that you need to protect yourself and the rest of the astronauts from the alien.

If by chance, playing the bad guy is more your thing, Lego has you covered with their Lego Mars Mission Alien Infiltrator ETX.  From this, you can attack the astronauts by controlling the alien spaceship.  Should the battle get fierce in the air and you have to take it to land, the spaceship converts in lighting speed into a combat walker.  The Alien Infiltrator comes with two astronaut figurines as well as an alien.

The MB-01 Eagle Command Base with the Lego Mars Mission collection is another must have if you want to have any kind of chance of fulfilling your requirements of collecting the crystals.  This set comes with a crystal examiner, alien, four powered foam missels and a pump system.

These primary sets of the Lego Mars Mission will get you started on your battle.  Later you may want to add the Claw Tank Ambush, Armored Drilling Unit, Ultra-Drill Walker and the Crystal Hawk. Dublin Dun Laoghaire Reviews.